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Meet GC [george] Elliott, the artist

Portrait of George Charles Elliott, Indiana artistAs an adventurous artist drawn to nature, travel and automobiles, it is with great excitement that I start this new aspect to my art career, my notecard collection. With today’s technological advances and changes in communication, I hope the personal token of handwriting sentiments never ceases; enjoy your journey through my Gallery of Images.

Born in 1940, I began my self-taught art career in 1978. My wife Marian and I live happily in a log home on a lake in Cicero, Indiana, surrounded by fox, flowers, and fowl, only minutes from my Noblesville art studio on White River. We enjoy our 6 children and 10 grandchildren and spend part of our time in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, where we have a second home and a western studio location.

My art pieces reflect a realism inspired by both our everyday environment, and my travels, incorporating their subsequent content. Whether it is Alaska’s magnificent glaciers and their water reflections, living among orangutans in Borneo, the ageless beauty of temples in Bali, the hills of Scottish heather and greens of Ireland, the deserts of Oman, Prague and it’s graffiti, Bangkok and it’s elbow-to-elbow population, or historic pieces of Europe, my travels have been my greatest influence on my art. All these differing subjects and places meld within my paintings in colors and textures.

In addition to traveling, two of my other loves are people and cars. I spent my childhood years drawing cars, cars and more cars. Now, they are my favorite hobby. But, I continue to find people fascinating; It still amazes me that every human face on earth is as unique as a fingerprint. I am an avid people watcher and they sneak into my art more and more.

George C Elliott painting Sedona, AZI feel being an artist is a great honor, we are so lucky! We have extra freedom to interpret, uninhibited, our gift to express ourselves on canvas. Painters apply pigment, bringing to the canvas beauty, meaning, emotion, and the excitement of color. As you can see from my images, I love color!

During my art career, I have had the priviledge to add to not only private collections around the world, but corporate collections as well. Each of my various awards throughout the years has been appreciated, provided me with a sense of pride, and stimulated me to paint more! I have enjoyed and been rewarded by the fellowship of memberships and positions in various art organizations which have helped my art to grow over the years.

Tuesdays are a very special day of the week for me because I meet four fellow artists for a weekly breakfast and day of painting, discussing the world, and watching nature framed by my White River Studio windows. After 21 years together, we have become very close, more like siblings, and it continues to inspire us as we have watched our art grow and change during our time together.

In addition of my new line of notecards, many of my pieces are available reproduced as ‘gicle’e’ prints offered in various sizes on both canvas and paper. Framed examples are displayed in my studio along with original paintings. I draw pleasure from not only the painting process, but from watching someone walk up to one of my pieces, take a look, and return again for another look. Visitors are always welcome to my studio and I appreciate your interest in my art!

George C Elliott

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